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Youkai watch contest

youkai watch contest

Moveset Type Name Power Attribute Range Attack Sharp Claws 10-45x2 Single enemy No description.
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Soultimate Move Flurry of Furry ( Japanese :, Hyakuman-bai Kaeshi Nikuky ) 13x10(2) 15x10(3) All enemies A new level of Paws of Fury that deals damage to all foes.
Despite their obvious differences, it actually works pretty well.".
Gamepedia T-Shirt, exclusive Wiki Achievement Yo-kai Apprentice 2015 Editing Contest Runner-Up.Inspirit All Shook Up ( Japanese :, Kakimawasu coco jack discount code 2016 ) Single enemy The Inspirited Yo-kai is befuddled and attacks its allies.we have released.Use it on the Crank-a-kai and choose between Komasan, Noko and Buchinyan.Let's be together fornyever!" Ethymology Name Origin "Buchinyan" is a combination of buchi "spots, mottles and nyan.One of Buchinyan's victory dances shows that he can float like Whisper, though this is never shown outside of the game.Speed 1300, defence 940, stats of Buchinyan is unknown.About Contest, are you excited for Yo-kai Watch?Two editors will receive Nathans Consolation Prize: 1 Gamepedia T-Shirt, how to Enter, any person who submits edits to the Yo-kai Watch Wiki while logged in during the contest period (11/1/2015 11/30/2015) will be considered to have entered the contest.Buchinyan, along with Jibakoma, are the only Yo-kai who are stated to be the result of two Yo-kai fusing together to not be befriended by Fusion within the games.Tendo: Alright, the ghosts and monsters are set, it's time to settle this debate once and for all!Yo-kai Watch: The Movie In the anime, Buchinyan debuted alongside Darknyan as a unexpected fusion of Whisper and Jibanyan in " Yo-kai Watch: The Movie " as a means of defeating Dame Dedtime 's final form, Dame Demona, formed when Whisper shoved himself into the.

In other languages Spanish (Spain Buchinyan Spanish (South America Mininyan Italian: Buchinyan French: Buchinyan See more discussions).
Tempo: who's in the nba dunk contest 2015 It's time for a death battle!, monster Fighting Tournament.
Contents show Appearances Bioglogy A white cat with red spots all over its body.
Yo-kai Watch 3 Complete the Yo-kai Circle Nyan Nyan All-Stars, which consist of Jibanyan, Robonyan F, Shogunyan.Introduced as Rank C, he was promoted to Rank A with Yo-kai Watch Busters.Until then, check out the trailer.The flames on its tails are indigo. .Get your pencils ready, the contest is simple: send us a drawing with the following topic: "Darknyan and.